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All Star

Cheerleading Teams & Programs


Our Coaches are USASF

Certified and Credentialed!

Thank you for your interest in our 2020-2021 All Star Cheer Teams! Please click on this link to fill out your contact information and we will send you more information on our upcoming season!

Cheer Fundamentals

The fundamental program is designed to increase your athlete’s skill level in the basics of cheer! The athletes will build strength, which will help them to progress through their basic skills at a faster rate. The stronger your athlete becomes, the more skills they will have. At Corona Stars, we believe that conditioning is the most important part of our program. We also provide stretching techniques. During the Fundamental Program, we will work on Arm Motions, Jumps, and Basics to tumbling. Additionally, we will teach the proper technique for these basic skills.

Stars Academy Teams 

This class is designed for students interested in learning all aspects of Cheer including tumbling skills, cheer moves, jumps, stunting, and dance moves. This class is ideal for students who are interested in getting involved with an All Star Cheer competition program.

Limited Travel Competition Teams

Get the All Star training and experience with less costs! The Limited Travel teams will attend only a few competitions. It is also less of a time commitment than traditional All Star Cheer.

All Star Elite Travel Competition Teams

This is our competitive All Star Elite Cheer Program that includes traveling to out of state competitions.

All Star Prep Teams - 5yrs to 18yrs

Mini Level Teams - 8yrs and under

Youth Level Teams - 11yrs and under

Junior Level Teams - 14yrs and under

Senior Level Teams - 12yrs and up