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For all classes, the maximum is five

athletes to one coach.

High School Prep Cheer Program

High School Prep is a program designed to increase your athlete’s skill level in all areas of cheer! The athletes will build strength, which will help with stunting, and allow them to progress through their tumbling at a faster rate. The stronger your athlete becomes, the more skills they will have. At Corona Stars, we believe that conditioning is the most important part of our program. We also provide stretching techniques that help with flying so your athlete will be able to pull body positions. During the classes, we will work on tumbling, strength training, flexibility, and conditioning. Additionally, we will teach the proper jump technique, cheer jump sequences, and jumps to tumbling sequences.

When do the classes begin? How long is a class?

Classes are currently in session, and each class is 2 hours in length! You are welcome to join at any time!  

What is the cost?

Registration - $60   

1 class (2 Hours Total Per Week) - $129 per month

2 classes (4 Hours Total Per Week) - $169 per month    

What are the days and times of the classes?

Monday 6:00PM-8:00PM

Wednesday 6:00PM to 8:00PM

Please note, once you sign up, you will be unable to switch around your days attending (due to staffing and class enrolment) Also, you are allowed 2 make-up classes, per month, for any High School Prep classes that are missed. 

What type of shoes does my athlete need? Do I need to get anything else? 

Your athlete is welcome to use cheer shoe they may already have, or they can purchase them from Nfinity. If you choose to purchase from Nfinity, please use our website link because of the discount. It is especially designed for our gym. 

You can access the link from the Corona Stars website under the registration / forms tab

We recommend the Rival Featherweight & Sideline Shoe. It’s important for your athlete to get comfortable in the shoes they are practicing in, since they will be tumbling, jumping, and stretching during the classes.   

You will also need to purchase Ankle Weights that are under a pound and a half.